Islamic finance is a substitute financial framework that conforms to Sharia or Islamic law. This financial model has gained significant traction in Australia by offering a range of services that adhere to Islamic prohibitions on interest-free financing (riba) and ethical investments. Islamist finance operates in Australia in this manner, providing a means of ethical financing for both Muslims and non-Muslims. 

Principles of Islamic Finance

Risk sharing, interest prohibition and ethical investing are the three pillars of Islamic finance. Interest payments cannot be a part of financial transactions. Rather profit-sharing arrangements or joint ventures in which the lender and borrower split the investments risks and rewards are the main focus of Islamic banks and financial institutions. 

Furthermore, investments in sectors of the economy like gambling alcohol and tobacco are forbidden by Islamic finance as being detrimental or immoral. Because many Australians value socially conscious investing this guarantees that all financial operations have a positive social impact and are in line with their ethical standards. 

Products Offered in Islamic Finance

Islamic financial institutions in Australia provide a range of financial products that adhere to Sharia law:

Islamic Home Loans: Islamic home loans are based on joint ownership (Musharaka) or leasing agreements (Ijara) in contrast to conventional home loans that have interest attached to them. In a Musharaka agreement, the buyer and the bank jointly buy the property, with the buyer eventually purchasing the bank’s portion. In an Ijara model, traditional interest-based lending is essentially avoided because the bank purchases the property and leases it to the buyer until the entire amount is paid. 

Islamic Savings Accounts: These accounts provide profit rates rather than interest rates, with the returns coming from investments made in businesses that adhere to Sharia law. 

Islamic Investment Funds: These funds use a Sharia-compliant portfolio screening process to invest in stocks of companies that follow moral standards. 

Regulation and Growth

In Australia Islamic finance is subject to the same laws and regulations as traditional financial systems but it also has to pass extra Sharia compliance audits. In addition to complying with legal requirements this guarantees that all goods and services follow Islamic principles. The rising demand for financial services that take ethical and religious considerations into account is fueling the growth of Islamic finance in Australia.


Islamic finance, which provides a range of Sharia-compliant products that meet the needs of the Muslim community and beyond, offers a distinctive and moral substitute for conventional financial systems in Australia. It is consistent with the beliefs of many Australians who give ethical issues a top priority when making financial decisions. 

Please visit our website or contact us directly if you’d like to discuss Islamic finance options or find out more about how you can profit from financial products that adhere to Sharia law. Sharia Finance offers affordable Islamic home loan options to enable you to make halal financial decisions and secure your ideal residence.

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