Who is Sharia Finance?

Learn about the Sharia Finance difference and what makes us different when compared to a direct to bank approach.

What is Islamic Finance?

Islamic Finance is a form of finance that prohibits the payment of interest from the funder to the borrower.

Ijaah Munthaia Bittamaleek

This is a form of lease agreement, where a funder will finance an asset with an agreed rental instalment.

Ijarah wa-iqtina

This is a form of lease agreement, which differs from Ijarah Munthaia Bittamleek in that it has a gift component.

Diminishing Musharakah

Diminishing Musharakah is a type of finance contract where there is a ‘co-ownership structure’.

Murabaha Finance

This is a form of Islamic finance where the funder and the buyer agree to the markup of an asset.